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Kelly Thorne

I Hope They Serve Beer On Broadway

"It'll take a drink or three to appreciate this Off-Broadway showcase of bad behavior."

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Noises Off


“No one did the role quite as convincingly or impressively as Kelly.  She was great from the start and went from great to greater...First and foremost is her skill as a comedian…Plus she has a great look.”




“Jonathan Valuckas…drools over Helena (Kelly). Fittingly, you don’t know whether he lusts after her young flesh or the facsimile he could make thereof.”


Last of the Red Hot Lovers


“Bobbi Michele played to perfection by Kelly.”


Four Women


“The play takes yet another upswing with its fourth bit, the endearing story of Trumpet Vine, a Texas waitress who’s about to marry a Saudi oil tycoon.  Of all the characters, Kelly's Trumpet is the funniest."





“Kelly revels in Trumpet’s trashiness.”

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“Kelly instantly grabs the audience’s attention....Kelly reveals her ability to grasp any character she plays.”

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The Merry Wives of Windsor


“Kelly’s Anne, along with Matthew Charles as Anne’s preferred suitor, Fenton, give the play a heart and a brief but welcome grounding in reality.”

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